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How to successfully write a critically oriented essay

Have you ever approached a book, an article, or an essay with completely critical thought? You have probably done that in your academic career, and you probably know how exciting it could be. Having a completely questionable thought about the subject is what makes the human mind unique and powerful. With asking questions and pointing the exact subject, you deliver a new perspective and your contribution to the subject becomes more visible. It is the same with essay writing.

How to think critically

If you wonder how to think critically, there is no some secret power you can possess in order to think critically. For some who has this ability, it is easier to make smart conclusions and ask the right questions. All of others who are not naturally gifted for this kind of thinking need to apply few rules. One of them is defining the unique perspective.
Think about how the subject personally resonates to your senses. “What are the main points to consider?” and “What conclusion to make?” are the key questions to ask. If you think about the subject, you probably know the present and the past of the subject, and you will know how to make a unique point of view. Each subject in an essay has some meaning, and you should place that meaning in the right context. Sometimes, it is not easy to do it, but with the help of the right information, the process is easier.

Make a list of the key questions that make the essence of the subject. Place them on the list by priority and meaning. Once you know what to pay attention to, extract the key questions to ask about the subject. These could be the correspondence with the present situation in the world, literature, politics, or whatever theme that is part of your essay.

When you take the right direction, it is easy to navigate through the exact subjects that make a new perspective. We all have an ability to think critically, and here is the key point to bring that kind of thinking. Create your own opinion, depending on the knowledge you have and decide which direction to take. This could be in the direction of future development, or the overall reconstruction of the subject. You are free to make your own points, and that’s the key to writing critical thinking essays.

Bring some piece of evidence

For each statement, you should have the right evidence. It could be hidden in some part of your topic, or it could be the outcome of your own research. The evidence should correspond to your statement and that is the main correlation in your critical thinking. As you navigate through the subject, you will certainly find the evidence that will grab your attention. That’s the point of your own critical thinking. Stick to the evidence and explain why this evidence is important to you.

Be free enough to create your own opinion and show how this opinion matters to the subject of your essay. Use the description, and apply the relevant writing skills to explain your thoughts. Create body paragraphs to develop the story in the right direction. At this point, you are explaining your vision, and create a new perspective. If you are skillful enough, the story will get a completely new direction.

Each essay has some rules you should stick to, and you should follow them. On the contrary, the creative thinking has no rules. This is the thing you create in your head, with actual knowledge and predetermined evidences. It is part of your own analytical skills to present what your priorities are and how they resonate to the essay’s subject.
If it is easier to you, it is good to use mind mapping for bringing all your ideas to the paper. Mapping of ideas is a well-tested tool to gather all your thoughts at one place. Once you know all your ideas, it is best to select one and stick to it through the entire essay. This way, you focus on one certain thing that is the matter of your interest, and it is where the real creation starts. That one thought will be the essence of your writing.

Make thesis statements

At this point, you’ve done your research, gathered some knowledge and decided what idea to stick to. It is time to make the real statements in your thesis, which is a crucial point of writing a successful essay. These statements are part of every essay, and you should bring them to your writing. Make statements clear and easy to understand, so the larger audience can comprehend them. In this case, it is important to follow your idea through the essay, while making a relevant introduction, body segments and the conclusion. This way, your essay will be complete.

Ask the professionals

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